There are always ways to cut down your car insurance premiums to a rate that you are comfortable with. It is not as difficult or intimidating as you think it might be!


Always remember, you are the customer, your needs come first. Don’t let any service provider try to convince you otherwise.

Here are three points that can lower your monthly car insurance premiums.

1. How safe and secure is your car?
Safety refers to how well your car can protect you from accident and injury, such as with airbags and ABS brakes. Security refers to how well your car can protect itself from crime, whether it has central locking and an alarm. A safe and secure car is less likely to be considered a risk, resulting in cheaper monthly premiums.

2. Park your car inside

Make space in the garage to park your car inside, since car insurers will be less willing to offer a discounted rate on your insurance if it is parked in the street, as cars parked indoors are less likely to be broken into or stolen.

3. Compare multiple car insurance quotes

Don’t just jump at the first quote you get from a single car insurer. Make sure to do plenty of research to find a quote that works for you. Some insurers may allow you to save in places where others may not. Always read the fine print and don’t be afraid to take your time and not make rash decisions on the spot.