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cheap insurance

Car Insurance Checklist

South African roads can be a hazard to drive on, and unfortunately theft and hijackings are a reality. Make sure that you do not suffer loss or damage to your vehicle without reliable motor insurance.

Car Insurance Essentials:

    • Make sure you know/have all details about your vehicle handy; model, registration number, security, value
    • Car insurance targeting your specific age group, gender or profession might save you money.
  • What added benefits can you get from a car insurance policy? Does the policy include a courtesy car, lock repairs or breakdown assistance? Are the contents of your car insured?


  • You may be able to save money by insuring your household contents and vehicle with the same insurance company. Ask your insurer or broker. Enquire about a reduced premium for insuring multiple vehicles.
  • Investigate the cost of motor insurance premiums before purchasing a new car. Different vehicle models are assessed differently. You can save money by purchasing a car that is cheaper to insure.
  • Remember, if your car is old and has decreased in value, it may be sensible to only take third party car insurance. Third party insurance is essential: It doesn’t matter how old your car is, if you crash into a new model Porsche, you’re going to need motor insurance.
  • Make sure to find out how many claims you can make on your insurance policy, especially if you are prone to accidents.
  • Under what circumstances is your car insured? Does the insurer cover break-ins? Always read the fine print before signing anything.
  • Your insurer will probably give you more competitive car insurance premiums if your vehicle is parked in a safe place. Ask your insurer what security measures will reduce your motor insurance premium. Satellite tracking and vehicle anti-theft devices can lower your premium.
  • There are different car insurance policies available for different purposes. Make sure you know what kind of coverage you need – business, domestic or other.
  • Research a variety of insurance companies and policies in South Africa before choosing which policy is best for you and your vehicle.

Before taking out insurance on your car, get a number of quotes from different insurers. Your decision should not be based on price alone. Ensure that you choose a motor insurance policy from a reputable insurer and that you get the correct level of insurance cover to ensure that, in the event of theft or an accident, you will be protected.