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Like most of you, we’re tired of the usual insurance marketing baloney, especially as we are literally dealing with life and death. All the over-the-top humour, ridiculous mascots and guilt-loaded emotional campaigns are really not fooling us anymore, especially when it comes to serious matters like life insurance, funeral cover and disability insurance.

We, as intelligent and discerning consumers, understand the moral and practical need to make sure our loved ones are provided for when we’re not around or if we are unable to work. We recognise the value of prudent long-term financial planning.

What we need are the facts so that we can make our own informed decision. That’s why FRANK.NET has impressed us. Their no-nonsense approach sets out precisely what each policy offers.

• Easy-to-understand policies

• Direct sales service, allowing you to make an informed decision

• All the information you need to protect your family and secure your future

• Focus on customer service

I want direct, honest and open communication between myself and any company I’m doing business with. That’s why we at Insurance Africa like the FRANK.NET way. They don’t try to sell us fun cartoons or cute product names, they let you choose which products are the best for you and your loved ones and then focus on making sure that you understand your product. They make sure that you know what is required of you as a policyholder, so that you can ensure your policy is always up to date and so that you can be confident you are covered.

Taking out life insurance is the right thing to do, but you don’t need us to tell you that. What you need are the facts and open, direct lines of communication.

Request a free quote now and FRANK.NET will contact you directly with insurance products that will help you to secure your future and protect your family.